1974 - Local golf professional Lou Pedulla relocates his Arkville driving range and mini golf leasing the current site from Stephen Meinstein. 1986 - Stephen and June Meinstein take over operations of The Meadows Golf Range after Lou's retirement. 1992 - Stephen Meinstein purchases additional acreage and with the help of course architect Don Josberger and several other friends builds the 9 hole golf course. 2001 - Russel Matson and his wife Julie V. Hernandez purchase the business and property from the retiring Meinstein's and rename it The Meadows Golf Center, to reflect the facility's expanded golf service offerings. 2002 - MGC begins to serve barbeque to the public. 2003-beyond ???


Russel Matson:


Co-Owner, President, and Director of Golf Operations. Born and raised in Lynbrook, Long Island, New York. B. A. Mathematics, Queens College. Russel was drawn to the Catskills by an abiding love of nature in general and trout fishing in particular. After obtaining his bachelor's degree, he chose to enter the workforce rather than to pursue graduate studies in Sport Biomechanics. After a decade working as a computer systems analyst specializing in electronic data interchange, Russel chose to fulfill his dream of living full time in the Catskills.

Julie V. Hernandez:

Co-Owner, Vice President, and Director of Retail Operations. Born and raised in San Pablo City in the Philippines, Julie graduated from Laguna College with a B.Sc. in Commerce, major in Management. Her family has a long history of business ownership. She immigrated to the United States in 1988. She has been married to Russel since 1989. Julie worked within the Sales Audit department at Barnes & Noble's financial headquarters located in Westbury, Long Island, New York from 1991-2001. She loves the beauty and solitude of the Catskills and the ongoing process of decorating and maintaining the late 18th century home and gardens she shares with Russel. Julie relishes the opportunity to apply her passion and experience towards the future success of The Meadows Golf Center.

Brownie Brindle Bear:

Rest in Peace, Boy. Wait for us over the Rainbow Bridge. Our Unofficial Greeter and Ambassador of good will left our world on February 18, 2010. We found each other on December 2 1995 and were never apart. He will be missed.  Graduated 1st in class for novice, large dogs at the Westbury High School group obedience school. Can't guard, won't fetch. An anti-retriever. Great at playing keep away. Loves everyone at first glance. Men, women, children, other dogs. Thinks cats are small dogs. Thinks cows are big dogs. Same with horses, deer, and other quadrupeds.




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